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All of us realize the importance of staying fit. It is said that a healthy body is the home to a healthy mind. A healthy and fit body results in a happy and confident state of mind.

Some of us love to exercise at home with our own set of fitness equipment and some of us believe in enrolling at an expensive gym to achieve the same results. Irrespective of this, it is important to draw up a regular exercise regimen and then stick to it. So long as one can achieve the end result of staying fit, it does not matter if one is into yoga, boxing or weight training.

To stay fit, it is not necessary to buy a membership of an expensive gym. Since most of us, because of our hectic professional lives, cannot afford to attend the gym four to five times a week, it is prudent to find some cost effective exercise equipment for oneself and work out at home. In addition, come to think of it, unlike in a gym, you would not have to share the exercise equipment with others.

You can save yourself the time it takes to drive down to your gym, the agony of finding the parking space and then the stress of driving all the way back home. You would also not have to wait for your turn to use the equipment you want to work out with!

You can set up your gym at home in the basement or even your garage. If you can spend some quality time in looking out for the equipment you want to buy for using at home, you can get really good deals. It is possible to buy second hand equipment that can last you for a lifetime.

Most of us generally use jump rope, weight bench, dumbbells and plate weights with a bench press barbell. It is possible to buy them at a price that would be lower than one months subscription at an expensive gym!

Setting up your own gym does not mean compromising on the quality of workout. What one needs to realize is that there are many exercise that can be done without spending money. Getting into shape does not mean spending your hard earned money.

Getting in shape and losing weight is a lot easier if you’re having fun. Having fun while you’re working out is not as hard as you may think. Have you ever considered listening to music while you are running? Running with music is an easy way for you to enjoy running a little more. Advancements in technology have made it possible for you to run with a portable music player. Many people do not even realize this technology exists because it really has not been around all that long. Portable music players are getting smaller and cheaper each day and this might be a wise investment for you. If you can spend a little bit of money on a portable music player, you may find yourself enjoying running a lot more. You’ll begin to develop a consistent workout routine and start getting on the path to a healthier lifestyle.