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Jogging to stay fit has become a national pastime. The benefits of jogging are unquestionably worth the effort. Its also well worth taking extra time to ensure your safety on the trail. One must be prepared both mentally and physically to take on the trail. The same preparation is necessary to combat its potential dangers. While trying to stay fit on the jogging trail, you should never forget that trouble could lay around the next bend.

It is a sad reality, but people have been robbed , assaulted and even killed on jogging trails. While law enforcement and security do their best to keep trails safe, your own safety is ultimately up to you. How you react in a situation could save your life. While it is possible to go a lifetime on the trail without an incident, it is always good to be prepared. Criminals are unpredictable and so are the crimes they commit on trails.

Crimes on jogging trails can range from simple robbery to all out aggravated assault, sometimes even murder. We have all read about people being kidnapped from trails to later meet a tragic end. Criminals know that most people are vulnerable when jogging. They are really focused on the run and almost never pay attention to their surroundings.

The type of crime committed depends on the mindset of the criminal. Some criminals only want to take property. Others have no problem with hurting you or taking your life. A criminals mindset is difficult to judge and can instantly change. What starts out as a robbery can end in assault. You do not have time to play psychologist. You must always assume the worst and prepare accordingly.

Knowing when to jog is as critical as the exercise itself. You should avoid jogging at night. The darkness of night provide cover for criminals. It gives them the chance they need to escape after the crime.

The chances of you being a victim almost doubles at night. There is really no good reason for jogging outside at night. If you find that you must exercise at night, try walking through one of the large malls. A tread mill in the home can eliminate the need to risk trails. Still some people feel they must be on a trail to reap full benefits.

Pick clean and seemingly safe areas to jog. While it is impossible to tell how safe an area is by just looking, you can get subtle indications. The best source of information on the safety of trails are law enforcement and other patrons.

If you do not feel comfortable in an area do not jog there. Heavily wooded trails should be avoided. Shrubbery and trees provide cover for criminals. Always checkout your jogging trail before you decide to exercise. You will probably not be alone when you jog.

Jogging with other individuals lessen your chance of becoming a victim. Jogging with trusted friends or other patrons will provide safety in numbers. A criminal is more likely to attack an individual than a group. This especially applies to females. Women are often targets because they appear more vulnerable.

You can reduce your appearance of vulnerability by jogging with purpose. Simply put, be aware of your surroundings. Do not become so consumed with the exercise that you risk your safety.

Be prepared if something goes wrong while jogging. Have a plan of action in mind if there is trouble. Review your plan over and over in your mind. While it is not possible to know exactly what kind of trouble you may encounter, it is good to be prepared.

The best defense is prevention, but you must also be able to adequately defend yourself if necessary. Remember, if a criminal is bold enough to attack you, they will probably have no problem with hurting or killing you.